Throughout ancient times, cultures have relied on their energetic ones to insure the health and prosperity of their land and buildings. From the art of feng shui to the ritualized offerings of the Mayans, the practice of speaking and listening to greater forces is as old as fire. It is to this spirit, often forgotten in our technological times that we have undertaken these rituals and celebrations.

These lands we call Madison are a sacred and special place as was known by tribal name of Taychopera, a place of peace, healing, and restoration. Our hill and Quarry site were an important part of this place. It is our wish that the energetic foundations created by honoring these greater forces will facilitate the restorative and healing abilities of all who enter this building for years to come.

In addition to the rituals honoring the land and those that have come before us, the building’s design itself is also a result of considering the subtleties of energetic forces as well as the physical realities of materials, air and water qualities, and the nature of light.

Using some of the principles of feng shui, chi is moved by the directions and curves of the doors and halls. Along with the ancient art of placement, we have endeavored to create a physically healthy environment. Much consideration has been given to healthy and sustainable products and practices.

All of these activities work together to create an environment in harmony with itself, its occupants, and the land it resides upon. We look forward to sharing this special place with you in life and wellness for years to come.