Taychopera Spa Suite with Deck & Turret: Third Floor/Rooftop

For all reserved use:
Door can be locked, space will be private.

  • $25/hour
  • $80/half day (3-5 hours)
  • $150/full day (6+ hours, during public time of day)

50% deposit if reserving over two weeks out. Entire rental due less than two weeks.
Balance due prior to start of use.

Quarry Properties • 608.712.6424
Email: properties@designbuildmadison.com


The Taychopera Spa Suite is available for rental. Amenities include a kitchenette with under-counter refrigerator, tea & coffee equipment, pans, dishes & utensils; bathroom with separate shower room and fireplace.

Sauna users at the Quarry Arts Building are required to reserve the space ahead of time. Then a sign will be placed on the door of the sauna suite indicating the time and date of the reservation. Users can then lock it upon arrival for privacy, (but please be sure to unlock the door after you leave!)

Since the sauna is not left running, users will need to allow about 30 minutes to get it hot enough.

Enter the building from the main entrance and either take the elevator or second stair well (furthest down the main hallway) up to the 3rd floor.

Be sure to bring your own towel and any liquids or food you may want. Filtered water, bathroom, sitting room, outdoor balcony/patio, and a shower are available in the sauna suite.

Checks/payment can be deposited in the security rental box by room 250.